Live Our Passion

  • We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. A philosophy that enables us to nurture relationships which enjoy longevity. Our business is built on a foundation of warmth, heart and an all-around positive attitude. A dream is never fully achieved until you Evolve.
  • Evolve is a highly creative agency, delivering innovative ‘below the line’ campaigns, whatever your budget. We pride ourselves on our professional and dedicated approach, producing events, branding and communication solutions, to the very highest standard.
  • At Evolve, we utilise intelligent creativity with a sincere collaborative approach, consistently delivering powerful events, branding, and communication with our clients.
  • Genuine work created by genuine people.


At Evolve, we utilize intelligent creativity with a sincere collaborative aproach.


We consistently deliver powerful events, branding and communication for our clients.

Who We Are

Nicky McGrath

/managing director
Solutions, implementation, strategy, management, financial

Dean Krawitz

/creative director
Creative, passion, communication, ideas, dream big

Saranne Hudson

/project manager
Friendly, adaptable, driven, dynamic

Romy Krasner

/production manager
Communication, timeous, production, negotiation, planning

Avi Ramjan

/senior graphic designer
Visionary, creative, design, understanding, emotive, inspiration, legend

Mathew Pearce

/creative assistant, designer
Enthusiastic, creative, diligent, focused

David Mtombeni

/production co-ordinator
Multi-tasking, forethought, planning, implementation, patience

Teamwork is Hard Work

Our highly experienced team draw on our wealth of expertise to ensure that every element of your event, from inception and design to event management and operational delivery, is of the highest standard.

Integrity and honesty is what you get from our team. We create solutions to challenges and would rather you benefit from our years of experience and understanding of the pros and cons of each decision.

We are stubborn! If barriers are encountered while we are trying to realise your dream campaign we will strive to surpass these barriers, overcoming objections, working around problems with innovative solutions and bringing to bear our experience and creativity.